This is the official :) homepage of LaDa. It's currently at version 0.2.2, and/so it doesn't know much, but the main direction of developenment can already be seen...

What is it at all?
Basically, a GPL-ed tool that makes easier to play on a non-electric dart table. See README for more.

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It is maybe more useful than this one.

Because everyone likes surveys...
Please take the time to fill out this little survey, it helps me (and in the future, us) know how to continue the developement.
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Some screenshots: (mostly from version 0.1)

with the metal gtktheme:

with the elegance gtktheme (note that the icewm theme doesn't really match the GTK theme, but never mind, I was just too lazy:)

and version 0.2.2 with sawmill + the motif gtktheme... yes, it looks nice this way
[note the small bug in the screenshot: both windows are active :)]

from version 0.3pre2: note the completely different UI!!

And the downloads:
(you should visit the sourceforge download page instead)
lada version 0.1, source tarball (12k)
README for version 0.1

lada version 0.2, source tarball (12k)
README for version 0.2

lada version 0.2.2, source tarball (12k)

0.3pre series
- complete code redesign: much more flexible now, allows several different UIs
- huge GUI redesign: it is now really like a dartboard

some small but important changes:
- moved the initializations to separate functions, so that the scores are displayed even before the first throw
- fixed the double-in-double-out mode, you cannot enter the game with a triple any longer, and you can enter with a single bull
- possibility to turn on/off the roundlimit at startup

- added feature of changing gamemodes and number of players at startup
- added the 501 and 501 double-in-double-out gamemode
- stupid little bugs, using "single" label, not "singe", and adding a 0 button
- a screenshot of everything new: :)

- initial release
- base engines, connection between UI and engine is standardized;)
- fairly simple GTK+ GUI

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